Last updated: 11-Dec-2013


Qty Description


Danley SH46 3-way Synergy Horn


Danley GH60 3-way Genesis Horn


Danley TH118 subwoofer


EAW NTL720 3-way powered line array


SLS LS8695 line column


Renkus-Heinz Trap40K point source


Renkus-Heinz PN121 powered


Renkus-Heinz Iconyx 8


SLS 112RT 12” 2-way ribbon




Yamaha DXR12


JTR Orbit Shifter (2012 – powered)


B52 18” subwoofer

4 High output phase coherent passive 3 way speakers


4 High output phase coherent passive 3 way line array


16 High output 18” tapped horn passive subwoofer


36 Active 3-way DSP-controlled line array 1500W


8 Long-throw, wide dispersion line column ribbon speakers


6 15” 3-way trap-arrayable, flyable passive


10 Active 12” 2-way 300W


2 Active line column 400W


4 12” 2-way PRD1000 ribbon bi-amp, 1000W


6 Active 12” 2-way 1000W


1 Active 12” 2-way 1000W


4 Active 18” folded horn subwoofer 4000W


1 Active 18” subwoofer 600W

FOH, fills, ground stack or flyable


FOH ,fly only


Ground stack


FOH up to 16-hang per side. 7 flybars


FOH, reverberant venue, ground stack or fly


FOH, outdoor, drum monitors, flyable


Hi-res stage monitors, FOH for small venue


Indoor/outdoor speech, inconspicuous


Hi-res FOH for small venue, mix monitor


Speech, stage monitors


Keyboard monitor/amp


Ground stack only


Small event


Qty Description


APB Dynasonics Spectra T48


APB Dynasonics ProRack House


Roland M-480 digital console


Roland M-400 digital console


Yamaha IM8-40


Mackie Onyx 2480


Mackie Onyx 1620


Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro


Bi-Amp Advantage One


Bi-Amp Advantage EX


Bi-Amp 801i


Dan Dugan Model D


Roland M-48 personal monitor mixer


TL Audio Fat Track


ClearImpactSound & Event Services, Inc

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